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We had a little bit of a different Christmas this year because my family went to Florida! So we did a lot of things on our own, which was very different but also very fun!

We had a great Christmas Sunday and Graham's outfit was my favorite! His little bow tie killed me!
It's always wonderful to think about my Savior, choosing to come to Earth and live a difficult life, all for me. I think about his parents and how afraid they must have been, and how much love they had for him. I'm so grateful for Him and his birth, his life, and his death. He is truly the reason for the season, and the reason for everything.

We went out the weekend before Christmas week and the 23rd to make sure we had everything we needed for the holiday. We also spent time with Randy's family which was really fun, Graham just loves his uncles!

On the 23rd we made gingerbread cookies which was a blast! Graham liked touching the dough and then eating the M&Ms off of the finished cookies hahaha.

Christmas Eve was such a fun day, Graham actually slept in pretty late and we enjoyed having a slow morning before cooking our Cornish game hens. They turned out SO good and I was so proud of myself!

We spent the afternoon with Randy's family which was such a blast. We then went over to my aunts for a delicious prime rib dinner and had so much fun! Graham was in heaven playing with everyone and all new toys, it was a really great time.

We came home and got into Christmas PJs, had a little fun Christmas Eve tradition of opening a new book, and then it was off to bed!

Christmas day was AMAZING. I was so excited I couldn't sleep! I woke up EARLY and then heard Graham at 6:15. Normally he chats a little that early and then goes back to sleep, but we decided to get him because CHRISTMAS. He loved his Daniel Tiger toys in his stocking, his baby doll and stroller, his blocks, books, and of course his KITCHEN. (Santa delivered it but it wasn't assembled, so Randy and I had quite the adventure putting it together, let me tell ya.) I got a brand new table as my Christmas gift and some cute clothes, Randy got AirPods and some games and a grilled cheese sandwich maker that's the same one he had as a kid, so he was THRILLED. We had muffins for breakfast and played with toys, then got ready and went over to Randy's parents where Graham was in heaven with some Disney Duplos. We brought him home to take a nap and made an AMAZING charcuterie board for ourselves for lunch, complete with sparkling cider. It was delicious and so much fun!

We left to go see Randy's extended family in Salt Lake and had a blast with them, eating and playing Rock Band. Graham is a little shy but slowly warmed up over the course of the night which was wonderful.

We had a really great Christmas, I'm sad it's over. But I wouldn't have changed a thing, it was just great!

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