Hawaii Trip!!

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We had the best time in Hawaii with Randy's parents and brother! We were so lucky they invited us on vacation with them, and had the best time. Here's a little recap of our

Day 1: We got on the plane in the morning, and Graham didn’t sleep much and watched shows, it was pretty long and crazy. We had to RUN through LAX to catch our second flight just barely. Randy was so sweet and helped me and a guy called out "DADDY OF THE YEAR, BRO" as we ran past which was so sweet. We actually saw TAN FRANCE on our first flight though, so it was very worth it! Randy’s parent's plane was delayed so we waited for them in the Honolulu airport. When they arrived we got the car, Graham loved playing with the birds all around, we went to Target to get groceries and then to Aulani, the Disney Resort! We got beautiful leis and beads when we arrived which was so amazing, and then went out to swimming which Graham loved. We went to a curry house for dinner and then went to bed pretty early, we were very tired! 

Day 2: We woke up and had breakfast (eggs and sausage and fresh fruit!), went right out to swim and Graham LOVED playing on the beach. We relaxed while he napped, then went to Monoa Falls and hiked which was beautiful, then went to some old ruins of a royal palace that was also beautiful! We went to the mall where there was a whole Japanese village and ate dinner, Randy found chicken nan ban and I had ramen. It was SO fun to see all the fun Japanese restaurants. We stopped at Leonard’s Bakery on the way home and got delicious masaladas. Randy went to swim later that night and I hung out with sleeping baby.

Day 3: Breakfast of eggs and bananas, then we were off to the Dole Plantation. Randy and Graham and I rode the train and it was so cool to see all the pineapple bushes and cacao trees, mango, sugarcane, and more. Dole float topped off our adventure there.. Then we went to the North Shore which was so beautiful. We stopped at Fumi’s shrimp truck which was soooooo good. Then to the Polynesian Cultural Center We went to Samoa and met Kap, the artist who does all the Samoa demonstrations, and their demonstration was climbing a coconut tree, shredding coconut, making milk, etc. It was SO cool! We went to New Zealand and the buildings were beautiful and they did some dances and songs. Then Fiji where G got a tattoo. Then we watched the canoe show. We went over to Tonga where they made the poor Japanese guy play the drums, he couldn't understand what they were asking him to do and it was SO funny and also sad.. Then we went to Tahiti. The only "island" inside the PCC we didn't get to was Hawaii. We went and watched the Hawaiian journey video and then toured the BYU campus and the temple which was so fun. All the sister missionaries LOVED Graham and a bunch of them were from Japan which was so cool. We went to the luau for dinner which was delicious! SO much yummy food, so fresh and amazing. And the entertainment was amazing, complete with two eight year old boys doing fire dancing. Then we went to the Breath of Life show which had so many cool dances and fire dancing. Then back to the resort, and to bed! 

Day 4: Randy ran to the store to get some groceries, we had breakfast, then we got ready and went to Hanauma Bay! It was beautiful and busy but sooo amazing. We went snorkeling and saw beautiful fish, Dory fish and white stripped fish and bright orange and purple fish. Graham loved putting rocks in his cup on the beach and sitting in the waves. We ate some snacks and a weasel tried to get into someone’s donut box! We stopped at an udon shop on the way home and went to the Japanese store and got Aquarius (my favorite Japanese drink). We came back to the resort and Graham and mom walked around and made friends, had a Dole whip, and had a great time. We fedGraham dinner so he could go to bed since he didn’t have a good nap. We made Japanese food for dinner which was delicious!

Day 5: We woke up early and had breakfast, then Graham and mom went for a walk. We went down to the pool and played around until Graham was ready for a nap. We rested and just relaxed while he slept. Then we got ready, stopped at McDonald’s, and went to Pearl Harbor. It was so sad, beautiful, and hard to be there. Sam called while we were there and he broke his arm on his mission! He should be better soon. We fought traffic home and tried to get Graham to rest with no success. We got ready and went to have an amazing all you can eat dinner. Crab, fresh sushi, amazing desserts, it was just the best food! We were all stuffed and it was the perfect final dinner in Hawaii.

Day 6: Graham woke up early and we went on a walk, ate breakfast and went for another walk down to the neighboring resort's beach. It was so beautiful and the waves were amazing. We packed up to get ready to go home. We went to lunch at a yummy ramen place, then went to the Pacific National Cemetery. It was so sad to see all the young men who died in the war. We went to the mall and Graham had a blast playing on the fake grass hill, he kept trying to climb up and sliding down, it was so sweet. We had Hawaiian shaved ice and açaí bowls that were soooo good. Then it was time to go to the airport! Security was LONG but all the airport crew was SO nice to us (on our way to Hawaii and home) and helped us get everything we needed. We got dinner at the airport and then it was time to get on the flight. It was a red eye so luckily Graham slept the whole time! It was only 5 hours so we didn't get a full night's sleep but it was good! We had Shake Shack for breakfast at LAX and then got onto our flight home!

It was an awesome trip, and we already miss the island life! 

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