A Quarter-Century Birthday

8:26 AM

25 feels SO old to me! It's a rounding error to 30. I feel old, but I'm also really excited for what is ahead this year. It's my first birthday with Graham and I just loved having our little guy here to celebrate.

The celebration started with Birthday Eve (Randy's idea for extra celebrating that I love) and we went shopping at LuluLemon because RANDY is a ROCKSTAR and won a hugeee gift card from his gym. We love Koa Kingdom and I love that Randy freaking won! What a champ. So I got to go shopping there, then we met a few friends for dessert at (of course) Last Course which is my favorite place.

On my birthday we woke up and did presents (Graham and Randy got me books, clothes, and a mani/pedi) and then it was off to a birthday breakfast at Marie Calendars because they give you a free one on your birthday! The cute waitress was SO nice and also gave us free pie!! What a score!

Then I went off to get my nails done which was so relaxing. Then it was time for SHOPPING and we had a BLAST trying on clothes and hanging out (well I tried on clothes and Randy watched Graham which was amazing)

Then we came home to feed Graham and eat lunch, then we were off again for a drive to see the leaves and I just HAD to take pictures since it was so pretty up there.

Then we got Graham all ready to be babysat, and Randy and I headed downtown for a very fancy and delicious dinner at Bambara. They were SO good to us and the food was delicious!

It was a spectacular birthday and I feel so spoiled by my friends and family, and mostly by Randy. He always goes above and beyond to make birthdays so special and I'm so insanely lucky.

Here's to 25, my first quarter-century has been amazing and I can't wait to see what the years ahead have in store! 

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