34 Week Bumpdate

3:49 PM

Symptoms: Not a ton of symptoms this week luckily! I've been having some Braxton Hick's contractions which aren't the most fun, but they go away and haven't been super painful.
Sleep: Sleeping is getting more rough, once I'm awake it's really hard to get back to sleep.
Baby is: The size of a basketball hoop which makes Randy laugh. He loves to move and at our last doctor appointment she told me he has dropped down, which is good! 
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Busy busy with school and crossing his fingers that little guy won't come until after his finals are all done. 
Mom is craving: PHO. I was feeling sick and it was SO sad I couldn't eat pho. With the diabetes I wasn't sure how my numbers would do, especially since I haven't been able to eat rice at all...and pho is rice noodles! 
Funny things this week: We took some pictures for little dude's room and made a bunch of paper cranes out of sheet music which was really fun. 

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