32 Week Bumpdate

7:12 AM

Symptoms: Leg cramps from HELL randomly at night. I'll move my foot one way and then have the WORST pain in my calves and have to try and move my foot around to get it to stop spasming. It's probably the worst pregnancy symptom I've had, and honestly the worst pain I've ever had! 
Sleep: I'm still tired and would love a nap anytime, which is weird for me.
Baby is: So wonderful! He moves around lots still and we have fun trying to figure out if it's a foot or an elbow or a head we are feeling! He doesn't kick or punch, just rolls or moves around. He gets the hiccups ALL the time which is awesome, because it's funny to feel and it means he is practicing breathing!
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Wonderful! He's been great helping me meal plan, exercise, and more with the diabetes! 
Mom is craving: Ice chips! I made Randy take me to Chic-Fil-A just to get a big cup of ice chips. I munch on them when I go into the office alllll day. I'm also LOVING peanut butter since it's one of the things that I can eat with no guilt with the diabetes - I'm eating spoonfuls every day and it tastes so sweet to my sugar-deprived palate! 
Funny things this week: We have the baby's room pretty much set up, and our niece loves to Facetime and ask to see the room (the room she slept in when she stayed with my parents) and she is SO cute about wanting to see the baby's bed and all the toys. I make Randy scratch my back ALL the time and I'm pretty sure he's getting super sick of it, but he's a great sport! We went to our birthing class and hospital tour and it was really great to learn all the things about the baby, and see where he would be born! It made me feel really relaxed and ready for the whole thing! Randy is also having to put my socks on for me a lot of the time, it's getting harder to bend over! 

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