Weekend Update

6:58 PM

Last weekend was a BLAST full of lots of awesome, fun things.

First, puppies showed up at my office! Cutest little golden-doodle puppies and I was in LOVE with them! It was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Friday night we went to Get Out Games with our friends and had a great time! We did the "Zombie On A Chain" game where an actor dressed as a zombie is chasing you around the whole time while you're trying to figure out the clues. It was CRAZY fun and we were exhausted by the end!

Saturday we spent time with our families before heading out to the Stadium of Fire! Our parents were so nice and bought us tickets for Easter (I mean, the Easter Bunny brought them) and we had SO much fun! We ate kettle corn, listened to Hunter Hayes (who was awesome!) laughed with Brian Regan, and then JAMMED to Little Big Town! The fireworks show at the end was amazing, really long, but amazing!

Sunday we went and watched our darling niece Charlotte get blessed, it was wonderful to be with family and celebrate her.

Monday (not the weekend but still) we went to work and school, and then started off the Fourth of July by going to a Bees baseball game with our good friends Corinne and Kade! We were in the outfield and chatted, ate some treats, and watched the Bees win! We then saw their incredible fireworks show, which was awesome.

We are having an amazing summer, loving every second, even though it's so hot we've had to move our mattress into the living room so we can get some air from our window AC. But still, I wouldn't change a thing.

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