Tokyo Disney Sea!

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Day seven in Japan we woke up at 4:00 AM (again!) and checked out of our hotel. We went to the convenience store and bought some chocolate chip bread and a drink, then back on the train to Chiba! We were on the train with some girls who were going to Tokyo Disney Sea and they were all matchy matchy, laughing and taking selfies the ENTIRE time. It was hilarious and so sweet!

We got to Chiba and walked quickly to our hotel to drop off our bags, then ran back to the park! The second we walked on the property I was overwhelmed because it feels like HOME. Disney property is Disney property and it was amazing, the music was playing and everyone was so happy.

Let's take a second and talk about the amazing people at Disney Sea. These people go ALL OUT when it comes to Disney Sea and Disneyland. They were all wearing Disney themed outfits, some of them completely dressed up as characters, and EVERYONE was matching. Groups that came together, matched. Down to their socks and shoes. It was INSANE. I felt incredibly underdressed the entire time, and sheepish for not having a Mickey Mouse shaped hamburger bag hanging from my backpack (yes it's a thing). And this isn't children that are dressed up. Oh no, no no no no no. This is full on ADULTS who are decked out as Alice in Wonderland or as Stitch. 

In Tokyo Disney Sea there's another set of characters that are important. The story is that Minnie gave Mickey a teddy bear when he went overseas, and that teddy bear is Duffy. Then, Duffy needed a girlfriend, so Shelli May was born. Then their friends Stella Lou and Gellatoni came around, and that crew RUNS Tokyo Disney Sea. They are EVERYWHERE. But the best part, is that adults carry around life-size Duffy and Shellie May teddy bears like children on their hips. I can't even describe it, but it's just crazy. 

People were sometimes sassy when we said we were going to the Disney properties, but I swear I saw and understood SO much of the culture there. It was truly wonderful. 

After we bought our tickets, we walked through the gates and it was pure magic! Everyone was saying hello and waving, and I even got a "high-five!" from one of the workers who was so excited to speak English to me! we ran through the gates and saw the giant volcano Prometheus.

We went right to the Tower of Terror (passing the 2 hour line for ToyStory Mania, because it just opened) and walked right on. The Japanese version is AMAZING, I won't spoil it for you but will just tell you to go!

We got off the ride and were STARVING since it had been like 4 hours since our breakfast. We grabbed a shell ice cream treat on our way to explore the harbor. We passed the curry popcorn truck and HAD to stop. I think this blog post should really be titled "all the things we ate at Tokyo Disney Sea" because the food was one of my favorite parts. But the curry popcorn was unreal, and I still dream about it. 

We grabbed a fast pass for Indiana Jones and headed over to the Sinbad ride. It was such a cute ride and Randy was translating all the singing, I loved it. We walked over to the show "Out Of Shadowland" that we had been told was awesome, and walked right into the show! We absolutely LOVED this show, it was all in Japanese so Randy had to translate, but it wasn't at all hard to understand. The singers were absolutely amazing, the dancers were SO talented, I was incredibly impressed. There were amazing parts when the stage moved and these acrobatic dancers and a cool puppet that just made it amazing. I loved it! There was the SWEETEST little boy sitting next to us who was BAWLING during the scary parts, but also during some of the not scary parts. I felt so bad but it was also kind of hilarious.

We loved the show and would recommend it!

We rode Journey to the Center of the Earth next which is a really awesome ride. 

So back story. Randy and I had been trying to get reservations at this amazing restaurant in the park called Magellans for weeks. We would call and they would tell us to go to the website, we would go to the all Japanese website and would have to input our Japanese address to be able to make an order, or it would tell us our IP address wouldn't allow us to reserve a table. It was SO frustrating, but once the restaurant opened at 10:00 AM, we were out front of the restaurant. Randy was talking to the girl and asked if we could make a reservation. She told us that we couldn't and that they were full. She told us to try the website, and when we explained the problem with the website, she apologized SO politely and told us there was nothing she could do. We were SO frustrated and after a while of trying to call again, we just accepted defeat.

We walked back over to the Arabian Coast and went to the Magic Carpet Curry restaurant. We had a bit of a funny situation there, Randy went and ordered a curry sampler plate, and the sweet girl at the register was trying to explain something to Randy in English. There were SO many people behind us and we were trying to be quick, and she just couldn't get the words out! Randy eventually had to say "you can just tell me in Japanese" to her in Japanese, then she quickly explained what she wanted to explain and we weren't holding up the line anymore! It was such a funny little experience.

We people watched for a minute after eating, then it was over to Indian Jones! I LOVED it, and it was so funny that the premise of the ride is that they are in Mexico or Peru or something, and they are all yelling "adios!" all over the ride. It was so funny! 

We then rode 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea which made us sick, and a few other things. We walked past a Happy Easter parade which cracked me up! They don't celebrate Easter, and Easter had actually happened about a month before...but they're still going strong there. The parade was a rock guitar and crazy drums with a "HAPPY EASTER" thrown in here and there, I could not stop laughing! 

We then went to the Little Mermaid area of the park and I was in absolute heaven. You walk down a long spiral ramp and you go "underwater" and it's BEAUTIFUL. It really felt like it was underwater, there are bubble sounds and wave sounds and everything around you makes you feel like you've gone under the sea! We went and saw King Triton's Concert where Ariel is suspended from the ceiling so she can "swim" the entire time, which was magical. There's a little kid area where you can go into the room that looks exactly like the scene where Ariel sings "Part Of Your World" with a life size statue of Eric and everything! I couldn't get enough of it, it was just too perfect! 

After we played around in the playground for a while, we went back to the surface and rode Aquatopia which are these bumper boat things which was fun. We were talking in the line about how lucky we felt to be there and about the future, and we both almost started crying we just felt so happy and lucky! It was a pretty special moment.

We then went to ride Indiana Jones and Journey to the Center of the Earth again. On our way back from the ride, we passed Magellan's and saw waitresses standing outside, trying to get people to come in! We were so confused, so Randy walked up there and asked if they had spots for tonight "Oh yes," they told him "You can come at 7:10!" We were a little bit frustrated with that, but we took it! 

We walked around the rest of the park and rode some things here and there, and got a hot shrimp bun which was delicious, took pictures and watched people taking pictures of their Duffy teddy bears. We rode Tower of Terror again, and grabbed those DARLING mochi custard desserts which were DELICIOUS. 

We took more pictures and walked through the Venice area of the park, and some girls who took our pictures were going on about how cute we were and how much we loved each other, it was so funny!

Then, it was time to eat.

We walked into Magellan's and it was absolutely breathtaking. A giant globe in the middle and bookshelves decorate the restaurant, we went down this beautiful red-carpeted spiral staircase. We sat down at the table which was just amazing, and the waitresses were SO kind and sweet. 

Randy ate scallops, beef consume, and then a beef cheek entree. He finished with a creme bruelle was really amazing.

I had scallops, shrimp and beans, a potato soup that was the MOST creamy thing I have ever eaten in my life, pesto fish, and a cheesecake. All of it was absolutely delicious and SO romantic. It was just so dreamy and we had the best time talking about our adventures and how much we were loving Japan. 

As we walked out of the restaurant we caught the end of Fantasmic and the fireworks which was beautiful. We got a little lost on the way home, but we eventually got back to our hotel and crashed. Randy wasn't feeling well at all so he took some Tylenol PM and bundled up to try and kick his cold.

It was an amazing day and I feel so lucky that we got to go to Tokyo Disney Sea! 

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