Our Disney Dash

6:46 PM

After Conference weekend, Randy and I had a two day week!

On Wednesday, we hopped on a plane to LA! We had some Starbucks, a great flight, got on a shuttle with a bunch of crazy characters including a 72 year old Canadian who looked like he was 50, a driver who wasn't afraid of riding tails, and a man who would not stop coughing.

We got to Anaheim and went to dinner with my family, who had already been there for a few days!

We crashed, and woke up early to go to DISNEYLAND!

My parents have a little tradition of going to Disneyland with the family during each kids junior year. Since my sister is the youngest and didn't have the rest of the siblings to go with her, Randy and I figured out a way that we could go with her and my parents!

We hit all our favorite rides on day 1, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Buzz Blasters, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and more! We ate lunch at Randy's favorite place, Rancho del Zocala, enjoyed some Disney churros and Dole whips, and just had a blast. We finished out the night with a turkey leg, a parade, hot cocoa, the fireworks show, and I may have gotten so excited on the Carousel that I ripped my pants and had to go buy some Disney sweats. So embarrassing.

The next day was another early morning in California Adventure where we went to Radiator Springs, Toy Story Mania, the new Soarin' Around The World, and all of our other favorites. We enjoyed the bakery tour and some Ghirardelli ice cream for a late breakfast. We then headed back to Disney to catch the few rides we hadn't gotten to the day before, like Peter Pan and Splash Mountain (which left us soaked!) We ran back and forth between parks for the rest of the day, eating clam chowder, corn dogs, spying characters and seeing half of parades here and there.

We had such a blast taking pictures and laughing, telling stories and talking about our lives.

Saturday we spent the day driving home with the family, listening to music and having a blast talking and joking around!

We had a fantastic vacation and it's all thanks to my awesome parents and sister!! They made the trip possible and helped us have a great time.

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