Weekend Update

10:28 AM

The days and weeks are flying by! We are already almost done with March!

This week/weekend we:

-worked and worked and worked
-randy had spring break and actually got a little bit of relaxing, in between going to work
-went to dinner with courtney and tommy
-facetimed with the sweetest niece
-i went to a baby shower for another sweet niece who is coming SOON
-i went prom dress shopping with my mom and little sister which was a blast
-had a delicious st. paddy's day meal a day late (huge thanks to my mom who is a bomb cook)
-taught church
-had curry with friends
-went on a beautiful sunday walk with the best weather ever
-befriended a gopher and threw grass at him to eat (check out my snapchat @maddyredhead)
-went on a great date to cheesecake factory (thanks to randy's parents for getting us the gift card!)
-went shopping for some upcoming trips
-laughed a lot

I listened to a talk by Elder Wirthlin that he gave shortly before his passing called "Come What May And Love It" this morning. Man, did that hit the nail on the head for me! I keep being reminded that we need to find happiness in the mess and ugliness of every day, or we'll never be happy. There are so many things to be happy about. And yes, there are horrible situations that we are facing, and sometimes it's OK to be sad or upset. Struggling is part of this life. But we can't let us entirely weigh us down and forget that there are ways to find happiness, even in sadness.

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