Weekend Update (again)

9:20 PM

This weekend's adventures included:

Family time at Cornbelly's. We had a BLAST bowling, playing in the corn beach, shooting apple blasters, shooting each other with balls in this dusty corral, pretending we know how to rope cattle, throwing baseballs, riding the hay wagon, zip lining, riding a mechanical bull, and wandering the corn maze. My family is seriously a barrel of laughs and we had way too much fun. We ended the night with a late Greek food dinner, with lots more laughs.

Saturday Randy and I had a lazy morning before heading downtown to pick up his computer from the Apple store. Of course, this lead us to a picture taking spree. Randy is SO good behind the camera! I can't even handle it. We then of course headed to Kaysville for #freelaundry and visiting some more with family, with a heart breaking Dodger loss. But it's ok, because I like the Cubs!

Today was just a really lazy Sunday, which both of us needed!

The other day I had a bit of an epiphany after a very sweet Visiting Teaching message was given to me. This month, and even the past few months, have been hard for Randy and I. It's been frustrating because I feel like we're doing everything right. But I realized that Satan makes things hard for us when we're doing the right things, or we're on the path to something spiritually wonderful. And if that's what's going on, then Satan can keep on hitting us, and we can deal with it.

Also, I'm leaving Ken Garff. But more on that later.

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