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Don't mind this GIGANTIC post of all the fun things we did while we were in Disneyland. Sometimes this blog is more like a journal, and this is one of those times. I want to remember every detail and be able to look back and reminisce, so you're just going to have to bear with me!


Monday consisted of waking up at 3:00 AM to get ready, pack the last few things, and head out! I drove in the dark and listened to music and books while Randy slept. We stopped at 8 AM in Saint George for some Chic-Fil-A, and it felt like we had only been on the road for 10 minutes. Next time we have a road trip I'm totally going to wake up early and drive again, it made the drive go by so fast! Randy and I then took turns driving for the next little bit until we got to California! We walked into the Grand Californian Hotel which is absolutely gorgeous. Our room wasn't ready yet, so we met up with Randy's parents and younger brothers and grabbed a sandwich in Downtown Disney, and then Randy and I shopped and just mused about how fun it was to be in Disneyland together! We got checked in, went to dinner at Tangaroa Terrace, and Randy and I crashed early so we could gear up for the next day at Disneyland


We woke up early and had breakfast, and rushed right out for Magic Morning at Disneyland! We seriously went on all the big rides within the first 4 hours! We established a pattern for our days at Disneyland and California adventure; get in at around 7:15, ride everything because there were short lines until around 11:30, have lunch, go home and get our strength back, then head back to the park. We ate at Randy's favorite restaurant Rancho Del Zocalo so he was in heaven! We had a blast riding a ton of stuff in Disneyland, then we got to see the Paint The Night parade which was so wonderful, and then the fireworks. The fireworks on Main Street were INCREDIBLE! Real snow falling during Frozen songs, the whole nine yards. I've seen Disney fireworks a time or two, and this one was out of this world. We also found out today that Randy was most like the character Mickey Mouse, Sam is most like Scar, and I'm most like the Queen of Hearts. So that's good to know!


We spent the morning at California Adventure and pretty much rode every single ride, got to have some hot cocoa at the Ghiradelli factory, went to the Plaza in Disneyland for lunch, saw the Frozen show after BARELY getting tickets, oh and we met Stich. Randy's favorite moment was when we went to see the show "It's Tough To Be A Bug" and a little girl behind us hadn't ever seen the show, and was so scared! The show squirts water and sprays air at you and the poor girl behind us didn't know whether to laugh or cry the whole time! The Frozen show in my opinion wasn't as good as Aladdin, but the set and technology used was absolutely incredible. Really high quality and very professional. This was another jam-packed day that was way too fun. At the hotel we had a full working kitchen, so we got to have breakfast and dinners at the hotel. We grilled up steak one night and had spaghetti the other. While we waited in line we played a charade and guessing game similar to "Heads Up" and were acting out random stuff, quoting Disney and Star Wars characters, and just laughing. Randy also performed magic tricks that made us all laugh.


We went back to Disneyland for the morning and got on the last few rides that we hadn't been on, and rode all our favorites again. Over the three days in Disneyland I ate a TON of Dole Whip and bought some souvenirs for my family and friends. For lunch on Thursday we got to go to the Blue Bayou, which was so fun and delicious. Randy had the Monte Cristo which he has been dreaming about for FOREVER! After hitting our favorite rides as much as possible, we all went back and got our stuff from the hotel, and while the Low's set off for Hollywood, Randy and I set off for our second hotel in Anaheim. We grabbed some Panda Express and watched the fireworks from our hotel room, which was fun.


Friday Randy and I woke up early to drive from Anaheim to Hollywood. We checked out and started the 45 minute drive. It went by really quickly and we got to Universal Studios a little before our early entrance. We rushed right to Harry Potter World and got on the ride immediately, which was so awesome! Harry Potter World is so cool and it was so fun to use Randy's dad's interactive wand to make things move, see all the castles up in the skyline, and go to the joke shop. We rode all the rides at Universal including the Mummy, Jurassic Park, Transformers, the Simpsons, and we did the Hollywood lot tour. We all agreed that the projection rides with screens made us a little sick! The Hollywood tour was really cool, it was so awesome to see the huge sound stages and outdoor sets that look like entire cities. We went back to Harry Potter World for lunch and had a frozen butterbeer, which is my absolute favorite. At about 3:00 we had done all the things at Universal, and so we parted ways with Randy's family as they got ready for their flight, and Randy and I got ready for our drive home. Our drive was INCREDIBLY long on the way home, it took us two hours to drive the first 50 miles. We were not super happy about that! But we finally got to our hotel in Las Vegas and crashed for the night, after finding some late night pho, of course.


Saturday we got up and made our way into the city for a couple hours. We love wandering around the giant and expensive hotels, gawking at the price of suits and shoes. We had lunch and had a sing along dance party drive home. Road trips have never been as fun as they are with Randy!

HUGE thank you to the Lows who made sure we had the best time and gave us the chance to go to Disneyland with them! It was SO fun to hang out with the family and we had an absolute blast. Until next time, Disney!

It's hard to see, but this is the snow!!

The beloved monte cristo

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Also -- I had NO idea Harry Potter World was in California?!? (I thought it was in Florida!) That is good news!

    Chaun from www.hiccupsandpastries.com


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