1st Anniversary

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So much blogging to do and catch up on! Randy and I had a much needed weekend getaway for our anniversary, and it was so wonderful. So here's a lil update on it all!

Friday we went and saw my cute niece and sister in law who are in town from Boston! It was so awesome to get to spend time with them!

Saturday, after a fun morning, we had the opportunity to head to the #clbloggerbash downtown. It was SO wonderful to meet some fellow bloggers, take lots of cute pictures, eat yummy snacks and more! Charissa Thatcher was our lovely host along with a ton of other vendors! (Don't worry I'll do a whole post on this bash once I get some more photos! Until then, take a sneak peek!) I was so lucky to have Randy come along, for those of you who don't know Randy and I are working towards building the blog and our brand together! Some very exciting things ahead.

Charissa is magic behind a camera folks. I mean, come on! Look at the photo she snagged of us!

It was fun to go to this event with Maddy. It was a little awkward having me there, but you could tell Maddy was very much in her element. It was a blast.

We got some beautiful flower crowns courtesy of White Lily Lane, and Randy was just so jealous he had to try it on.

Randy and I decided to spend our anniversary weekend at the Little America hotel, where we spent a day of our honeymoon. So after the blogger bash we ran and got some sushi dinner, then back to the hotel for swimming and movies - and a fireworks show right from our window! (The Bees were playing and there were fireworks for Memorial Day, but it kind of felt like it was also just for us!)

Sunday Randy and I went to Temple Square and spent most of the day there, sitting by the Christus and watching some of the videos in the visitor centers that we normally don't take the time to see. It was really wonderful!

We spent a bit of time this weekend walking around temple square in the visitor centers. I've been so many times, but I'm always so amazed at everything that went into that incredible building. It took 40 years to finish the temple and the saints sacrificed everything to build it. As I hear all the stories about the Salt Lake City Temple, my appreciation for the building grows. 

While I was a missionary in Japan, I often saw the Salt Lake City Temple in videos and pictures. It became a symbol of home to me. I've always lived in Utah and I've gone to the temple many times of my life. I'm so happy that Maddy and I decided to get married in this temple, because now the temple represents much more than my home. It's always become a representation of my marriage. I want my marriage to be like this temple. I'll sacrifice all that I have to build it up because I know what the end result will be.

Also there were peonies so it was wonderful.

Breakfast at the Little America is PRIME.

We also took some artsy shots because, why not!


One of Randy's anniversary gifts was a new suit, and doesn't he look absolutely AMAZING?? I was sa-wooning.

Randy spoiled me absolutely rotten with a Tiffany bracelet. We've been day-dream shopping at Tiffany's since high school, so this gift was really meaningful and so beautiful. 

I got Randy a polaroid camera and we are already having so much fun with it! I also got him a little something else...but that's just going to have to wait to be posted about! 

I don't know why, but I've always wanted a polaroid camera. I think polaroids are so cool! There is no filters. You never really know how they will turn out. They are really just raw images. Maddy knows me really well and surprised me with this camera. I never really told her that it's what I wanted, but it was a perfect gift.

Today was spent at the zoo, one of our favorite dates from high school and an activity we did in San Diego on our honeymoon. It was so much fun to hang out with the animals and with each other all day. Randy and I have both been crazy busy lately so this getaway couldn't have come at a better time! We have some other vacations this summer, but this is one of the only ones we have planned where we will get to be just alone together. We were so lucky to be able to spend the long weekend just with each other, doing things that we love, unplugging from social media and the stress of everyday life for a bit, etc. 

We were so excited to go into the zoo. She looks really good in sunglasses. 

Today we took a bite of our year-old wedding cake that the reception venue saved only a chunk of. Let's just say we should've had them serve it that night! But Randy did make a delicious drink for us! We grabbed sparkling strawberry daiquiri (no alcohol don't worry!) and Randy rimmed the glass with strawberry juice and sugar, and we floated some strawberries inside. It was so yummy!

Just a little more sappiness and then I'll be done, promise.

This first year of marriage has tested me in ways I didn't expect. It has been hard work in ways I didn't see coming, and things I was worried about have come easily. I have never been more vulnerable, raw, and open in my life. And I wouldn't trust my heart and soul with anyone else. Randy is truly my everything, my best friend, my love and my life. Without him I don't think I'm really me anymore. He gets me in ways that nobody else does, or ever will. He let's me be myself while also pushing me to be the best version of myself. We've had a year of fighting and laughing, sad tears and happy tears, temple dates, cooking dinner in our kitchen, showing each other pointless videos and memes, serious discussions, lots of prayers, shopping, reading, writing, making music, traveling near and far, reminiscing over old times and making lots of new memories. I could go on and on. The point is that marrying Randy one year ago today was the best decision I have, or ever will, make.

I love you Randy Low! Happy Anniversary!

I waited a really long time to finally marry Maddy, and it was hard waiting all that time. I always thought that once we were married things would get easier. In some ways I was right. Marriage is easy. You are with your best friend all the time and you laugh and smile every time you wake up and go to sleep. It's a great happy cycle. However, marriage can be hard. We've really experienced a lot of difficulties and trials, but being married has made all those things better. Everything I've experienced in the last year has made me grow. We've grown together. I intend for us to keep growing. I'm learning so much about Maddy and myself and It blows me away that I keep falling more and more in love with her. She's the most thoughtful person I know and I'm so lucky to be her husband.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.

Forever and Always yours. 

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