God Bless America

10:36 AM

Hi friends!

Whoa I said I'd be better at blogging, and I'm struggling! Here's a quick game of catch-up showing you all the fun things I've been up to lately!

Earlier this week we hit the Provo Freedom Festival Days Fair and had some DELICIOUS chicken, and had a great time hanging out!

Back to good ol' Kaysville for some hometown fun. It all started with the parade

Then some "pool" time

And finally some Davis High fireworks. I love my hometown:)

Can I just say I love the Fourth of July. I love this beautiful country more than anything and I feel so blessed to live here. And not just during this patriotic time. One of my favorite moments in my life was when I got back from Europe and we were going through customs to get back into the U.S. The customs officer looked at my passport, and said "Miss, welcome back to the United States of America. Welcome home." Thinking about it still gives me shivers!

My friends and I maybe went to an old mine and burned a couch. It wasn't my idea. Cool nonetheless.

And today for my internship I spent some time on the water. I have the best job.

Other than that I'm working and doing my internship, playing with friends and spending lots of time with my fam-bam. It's been a delightful summer so far and I can't wait to see how the rest of it goes.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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