Why am I so bad at blogging....

3:57 PM

I am the worst. I had planned to post a big long thing for my sister's birthday and blog a lot more and be better...hello two weeks later and I haven't posted a thing!

So here's what's been going on:

So first of all...MY SISTER IS 17 YEARS OLD!! Darling Olivia is such an amazing person. She is so caring and wonderful, and I'm so lucky I got to be her sister, and friend. I love you Livi Loo, you are my sunshine and make me smile and I wouldn't be who I am without you. I hope year 17 is just delightful and full of laughter and smiles.

Also in the past few weeks I have been:

Missing this best friend of mine. He's off being the best EFY Counselor out there, and having way too much fun!

Working my tail off for school. Just two more days. I can do it...right?

Losing half of the pictures/texts on my phone. So that was a bummer. Back up your phone ladies and gents.

Attending lots of ward events with these two, and sometimes they even match!

Visiting Catholic mass for a class assignment, it was wonderful by the way.

Practicing to float the Teton River with my family by going fishing. Something about fishing makes summer real. Also. Thoughts on my hair....I'm thinking of chopping it like this!

Meeting Meri from Sister Wives (TLC) at the Rooftop Concert, where I also re-fell in love with We Are The Strike. 

 Seeing bits and pieces of my amazing family.

Writing weekly letters to my favorite missionary.

Working at BYU Radio and loving every second.

Gearing up to start my internship NEXT WEEK.

Visiting with friends, attending bonfires, reading lots of news, trying to find time to read books and go to the pool, living and laughing with Court and Rachel, blasting music in the car, wearing too many blazers, meeting all kinds of interesting people, and mainly just loving life.

So happy June so far my friends! I promise after my classes are over I'll be a zillion times better at blogging. And if I'm not...well...punch me in the arm.

I love you dearly, and hope you are all having a fantastic summer!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Last thought...I'm considering changing my blog title, theme, general idea....to something other than about being a redhead. Let me know what you think:)

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  1. I once stalked Meri {and all the other sister wives}. That's the same as meeting her, right? :) This post made me miss being an EFY counselor. And, I can tell you my thoughts on switching things around on your blog if I know what else you are thinking - ya know, compare and contrast. :)

    1. Mindy I seriously love the show, it's so great! I would love some thoughts on switching up the blog if you have any advice!

  2. Glad to have you back in the blogging world :) A new blogging name would be cool! I like the redhead one though :)


    1. You're too nice Nancy! I'll let you know what I'm thinking when I have more solid ideas nailed down and you can let me know how they sound!:)


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