What I wish I could tell me 15 year old self

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I recently did a segment on The Matt Townsend Show about helping teenagers. My specific section was about what I wish I had known when I was 15.

People told me this....my parents, friends, family members, and other people I looked up to. I didn't really listen like most teenagers. But these are the things I wish I had listened to and acted on when I was 15.

--Laugh more. The crazy things that are happening to you right now will be the best stories. Stop taking yourself so seriously.
--Don't try to be perfect. You won't get there. So be the best you in the world, and that's perfect enough.
--Be nice to everyone. It will come back to haunt you when you were rude to the quiet girl or the odd guy. Just be nice to everyone you meet.
--Don't gossip. When you gossip with your friends, they gossip about you. Just don't be that girl. Be known as the girl who never has a rude thing to say about other people.
--Get a short memory. It doesn't matter what happened last week, what matters is today! Do your best today!

--Be nicer to your mom. Your mom has been through this, and she wants to help you from making the same mistakes. Sure, you won't agree on everything, and that's ok. But remember, she's getting older too. She hasn't gone through this specific point in her life yet either. Both of you are in new territory and it's hard...don't make it harder on her.
--The boys aren't always worth it. Girls will go crazy trying to be something they think the boys want. Just be yourself and forget about them! Seriously. They're fun to have as friends, but only when you can be yourself around them.
--Being smart isn't stupid. In fact, being smart is the very best thing you can be. Don't be ashamed of your intelligence!
--Eat FOOD. Food is wonderful. I'm all for being healthy, but for heaven's sake EAT a little! Be active and maybe don't eat out for every meal or eat 3 bowls of ice cream a day, but we are way too obsessed with how we look. Be happy instead of trying to be hot.
--The media is mostly wrong. That's not real life. Look for real people to look up to...it'll make you happier in the long run.
--Spend more time with your family. I'm all about being social and hanging out with friends, but I love the times I spent with my family laughing and playing crazy games, and just talking.
--Put down your phone sometimes. Now I didn't have a cell phone with texting when I was a teenager, but I did rush to Facebook and instant messaging every chance I could. Those friends will probably not be a part of your life in a few months. The best ones will stick around, but they're not the ones you talk to 24/7.
--It's about quality, not quantity when it comes to friends. You don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of. I'm still figuring this one out.
--To go with the previous one...be a good friends. Listen to others, try and help them, be there for them. You have no idea when they might need you the most.
--Be happy. People aren't going to always like you. In fact, you could be perfect and people won't like you. So stop trying to be someone else. Just be YOU and be happy with YOU.

If you are a teenager or you know one...share this info. She probably won't listen...but there's a chance she might. And that's worth it.

Also, happy Friday everyone! My Memorial Day weekend has officially begun!!!

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