Dear Future Self...

12:47 PM

Dear Future Self (approximately one year in the future to be exact):

How are you? I hope the answer to that question is happy. I am happy right now, and I can only hope I find ways to be happy 1 year from now too.

You are beautiful. You have days when you don't believe that, but you are. The best beauty comes from happiness, hence why I hope you are happy. 

Life throws curve balls. It also throws fast balls, and sometimes even gentle lobs right across the plate. I hope you take a swing at each one, give it your best. Sometimes you'll strike out. Sometimes, you'll hit a home run. Either way, it's the effort you put behind the bat that counts. So keep swinging.

Don't be afraid to love. It's the best thing you can give someone. They may not understand that, but you do. So sprinkle around all the capacity in your heart and hopefully it will brighten someone's day. Don't be afraid of the risk involved with loving someone. Take the leap. Even if you end up crashing, for a few glorious seconds, you'll get to fly. And that's worth any hurt that comes from a fall. And who knows, maybe someone will catch you.

Forgive. Open your heart to letting someone move through their past and become a better person. Allow them that chance. Finding the heart to let someone be new, gives you that same opportunity. 

Promise me that you'll spend your time pursuing good things, reaching for the best and the brightest star. Don't ever forget that you CAN achieve anything. 

Never forget that there is a God in Heaven who loves you. 

Me (from one year ago, to be exact)

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