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7:37 AM

Well I haven't blogged in forever. Basically since the dawn of time. Sorry, this whole college thing is keeping me prettttty busy. Yet I still have time to pin every five minutes. Go figure that one out. Anywho. College life is exquisite at best, downright stressful at worst. I am liking all of my classes but one, totally rethinking my life and what I'm doing with it, having tons of fun with my roommates and friends, eating a lot less healthy than I should but more healthy than most, being busy out of my mind with Relief Society stuff, and quite honestly getting sick of people who are fake. Not that I'm saying people at BYU are fake. I don't think I've met a fake person yet while I'm here. But you catch my drift I'm sure. 

On another, really sad note, my 9th grade science teacher Greg Domgaard passed away a few days a ago. It makes me so sad. He was an awesome teacher and had such a great sense of humor. He took me and friends to the Science Olympiad competition and didn't make us go to all of our events so we could bowl and eat pizza instead. I didn't know him very well and wasn't anywhere near as nice to him as I should have been. And I'm trying to make peace with that now. If anything this was a huge lesson to me to not take people for granted and to always, always be nice to someone. Because you have NO IDEA what they're going through. So I promise to now be nicer to my friends, even the ones who are rude to me, to talk to my family often, to try my very hardest to be nice to everyone no matter what, and to keep my Heavenly Father close so that I can remember. Thanks so much for everything you did for me, and so many others Mr. Domgaard. You won't be forgotten.

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