I'd Rather Be A Cougar Than....Anything.

7:56 AM

So if I survive today, I will have lived through one week of college! That's a big if though....but I'll update you if I do. Anyway this first week and everything has been crazy! My roommates are so fun, even though we all semi hate Jett for going on all the dates. But we love her :) My classes are good, some I like more than others and the reading is insane...but it's all good.

So yesterday was crazy and I had to move my car and Randy and I were screaming at each other on the phone and I was trying to figure out where to put my stupid vehicle and then Randy was a dear and just moved it for me because I had class and then things were great and we made dinner together. Haha college has made our relationship a bit crazy, but he's still my best friend. No matter what. :) And I owe him HUGE TIME.

Then last night I went to the first BYU game against Washington State. Which we won. Handily. And it was super fun! I sat by Heidi and James and David Steed and Jorgen and Sexy Rexy and Becca and Whitney. We helped stage a fake proposal so everyone around was oohing and aaahing and cheering, which was fun. There's something so thrilling about singing the fight song after every point scored, screaming FIRST DOWN whenever you hear the announcer say "that's another Cougar..."

Then after the game I was in my room facebooking, when my roommates got home and said that Jack and Dylan our friends (who also happen to be in our FHE group) were coming over to give Rebecca a blessing because her back was hurting. They came over in their shirts and ties and gave her a blessing. I'm pretty sure it was a first time for both of them. But it was so cool to feel the Spirit with these boys we barely know and who barely know what they're doing. College is awesome :)

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