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High school is almost over. I'm sad, happy, confused I guess. I'm excited to move on from some of the drama, but honestly I know the drama will follow. I'm sad to leave people I love but excited to meet new people too. I'm sad to leave my family but I know that they're the only people who will always be there for me, which is comforting. I'm just a mumble-jumble of emotions I guess. My brother got married yesterday which was wonderful, but it made me think even more how everything is changing. Change is constant. But that doesn't mean I'm used to it.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that today I went to Stake Conference and we got to hear from some general authorities because it was a regional conference. I loved hearing their words. But it made me realize I know what matters most, and now I have to start showing it. I know way too many people who act like the church is stupid or that aspects of the gospel are dumb, and I don't ever want to be one of those people. So I'm not going to be. I'm not going to be "ashamed of the gospel of Christ." I'm going to live it. Now I'm not going to shove it in anyone's face or think they're horrible for doing this or that or the other. But I know what's right. And I am not going to be one of those people who pretends that I don't know what's right because it's cool. Because I love the gospel too much to do that.

Anyway off of spiritual topics. This week I feel as though I should watch HSM3 repeatedly....so if anybody wants to join I would be tickled pink :) Also I feel as though I should shop for a dress to wear on the last day of school....and a zillion other things! What I guess this post is about is appreciating life and sticking to what I know.

Funny story side-note. Yesterday at my brother's wedding reception a lot of his high school friends came. And there was this one boy, who shall remain nameless, but for the sake of the story we'll call him D-Will. And D-Will has been home from  his mission six months, apparently. And is majoring at IS (Internal Systems? I felt like an idiot when he says "Oh, I'm majoring in IS." And I go "Oh...." Awkward pause because I thought he would explain what it was. He didn't. So I proceeded to say "I may be stupid, what is that?" And he just laughs and says "OH hoho it's internal systems." Whatevs) And then we proceeded to have a conversation about how he wants to be married and has had girlfriends but hasn't found the right girl yet. And how that's "fine with him" because he's just "waiting for her" and he's sure when she shows up "he'll know." And then he's all like, "So how many years of college are you done with?" And I'm all...."I'm graduating next week....from HIGH SCHOOL." And he's all, "oh that's so great. I'm five semesters and three quatrains away from starting grad school. And I already know the grad school master of command because of some funny situation with a secretary inviting me to graduation where I met all the mucky-mucks of this IS grad program and I'm going to make millions of dollars one day, and wouldn't you like to be a part of that?" And I'm sitting there, desperately looking around the room, and he says "Don't you have a boyfriend" Ummmm....how in the heck would you know that? So I say..."Yes..." and he says, raising his eyebrows..."RM?" "Um no sir he's going on a mission. Soon. And then he'll come home." Then he winks and says "Have fun waiting," shakes my hand and says he enjoyed talking to me and leaves. WHAT THE HECK. If this is the rest of the world outside Davis High I don't think I want to go......that's all :)

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  1. Yes. That is the rest of the world. hahahahhahahahahah.

  2. MADDY MADDY MADDY MADDY MADDY. After cotillion. HSM3 party. Somewhere. My house? Maybe. Okay. Also. I need a dress for graduation too. Also shoes for cotillion. Let's go shopping. Because I love you. :)

  3. PLEASE!!! Perhaps we should discuss what we are doing for cotillion :) And graduation...whatever. It's fine. I love youuuuuuu


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