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So one time I took the Hamlet test. HARDEST TEST OF MY LIFE.

Enough about Hamlet.

This weekend was super fun! Friday night I went to We the Kings and Mayday Parade. And it was AWESOME!!!!! We the Kings drummer broke his arm, so their whole set was basically accoustic. HECK YES. I loved it! Then Mayday Parade got up. I had already heard more swear words than I was comfortable with and I was worried his mouth was also going to be filthy and that I would have to lose respect for him. And then a funny thing happened.

He didn't swear.

Not once.

And I appreciated it so much.

Then I went with Randy to Chili's because I really wanted some chips and a molton chocolate cake. It was a good decision.

I realized that Randy sometimes just does what I want because he knows it will make me happy. And I appreciate that :)

Saturday morning I went to the Stake Women's Conference. I wasn't very excited to go.

But then something funny happened.

It was really great.

There were talks and musical numbers. Talks about having the Spirit with you all the time and making sure you're safe from the worldly things that are sure to come your way. Then our Stake President gave a talk about modesty. Keep in mind that it was mostly Relief Society women in attendance. And he had to talk about being modest. It's so much bigger of a deal than anybody wants to say it is. I need to work on being more modest all the time. I know I have some shorts and skirts that are definitely not ok and I need to get rid of them.

And then we broke off into workshops. I went with my mom and we went to three really great workshops taught by people in my stake. The first one was about communicating with love and respect. I can work on this big time! Then I went to one about cooking for small families, which I will soon be, so I got some great information there. Then the last one was about establishing family traditions. I realized that in not too long I'll be a part of a brand new family and I'll have to set traditions for not only holidays and such, but for every single day. And it scared me a bit. But it's exciting to think about too.

Then I messed around at home with my cousins. Chinese food with the cousins was very yummy :) Then off to Morgan's where things went a little weird, but it was still very fun :)

All in all, I wouldn't say FIE to this entire weekend. Just the Hamlet test.

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