Summer Nights

5:08 PM

Last night was the last night of summer. It was so sad. I would say this has been the best summer so far. I didn't do anything super exotic or crazy, but it was absolutely perfect. It's so hard that it's over. This was the summer before everything changes. Things have already started changing, that much was obvious last night. It's like there's a wall forming and no matter what anybody tries to do, it's going to be there. Ashley, Emi and I talked about it today during church, and this year is going to be different for a million reasons. But that doesn't mean it can't be great.

On a lighter gazing is one of my favorite activities. That, and playing on play grounds. Everything this summer was amazing and school is not going to ruin that!!!!

Oh, and today we discussed what we are going to wear on the first day of school and how we are going to get judged by it.

On another note...sorry I'm late on posting. Time is crazy.

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