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Oh my goodness it's been a crazy time! My sister has been home from her mission for 2 weeks so we are less quarantine strict which is great! We had a great week leading up to Easter with a fun activity each night. We made Palms on Palm Sunday, Monday we talked about the temple, Tuesday we took a hike and talked about Jesus teaching in parables, Wednesday we talked about forgiveness, Thursday we made unleavened bread and talked about the Last Supper and the Atonement and I washed Graham's feet (which was the absolute sweetest moment ever. I couldn't stop thinking about how much Christ loves my sweet son and me and I couldn't stop crying), Good Friday we fasted and talked about Christ suffering on the cross, Saturday Randy shared about his missionary work and we talked about Christ ministering in the Spirit World.

We also went hiking a couple times, went to Antelope Island, colored Easter eggs, did some outdoor egg hunts and enjoyed lots of time together. I also made a DELICIOUS charcuterie board and some AMAZING lamb and am SUPER proud of myself.

Easter Sunday was amazing. Graham woke up and was THRILLED to see bubbles, a bike, books, candy, and a T-ball set. He was SO excited and was a natural with the baseball. He's getting more excited about his balance bike too!

The egg hunt was funny, he just wanted to open the eggs and eat every piece of candy inside! But he did a great job finding them. We made resurrection rolls and had a beautiful Sunday service. I have eggs that hold all the symbols and elements of Easter and we talked about all the things that made Easter special. We talked about how much Jesus loves us, and how we can be with him again because of what he did. It was beautiful.

We had a great dinner and played in the backyard with my family.

We have spent this week working, Randy is getting ready to finish school. Graham has his Zoom music class which is fun, and we jump on the tramp and take walks. He's been loving playing with his pom-poms in the kitchen, coloring, and of course flying Buzz and Woody around all the time.

He is SO sweet. The other day he was sitting in his high chair he said "Mom, hug please?" And I stood up to give him a hug and in his tiny voice he said "I wuv you." and my heart BURST. We had a beautiful Easter and are doing well with all the corona crazy. We're trying to be sensible and positive so we can get back to normal life as fast as we can.

We are so lucky. We are doing well. Life is OK even with all this crazy.

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