Coronavirus - March 12 to March 19

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Coronavirus has been around since November 2019. It originated in Wuhan China and very quickly began to spread to other areas and countries.

Here in the US, I had heard about it. I thought that it sounded horrible, I felt so sorry for the people dealing with it. I didn't think it would be an issue for me.

March 12, a Utah Jazz player tested positive. The NBA was shut down. I couldn't believe it. This virus had only impacted a few people in the U.S. and now they were shutting down the NBA? I hoped it was overly cautious and that soon things would return to normal.

I had no idea.

Thursday seemed to be business as usual, but then more sports organizations were shutting down. The numbers started coming out for big cities and I was shocked.

I was planning to go into my office on Friday to do some meetings and things. Thursday afternoon, my office along with thousands of others, shut down. Everyone was told they'd be working from home until further notice.

They moved many universities to online instruction only.

They shut down church meetings for the foreseeable future.

In a period of 24 hours, our lives changed.

The news reports came out that people were going crazy at grocery stores, that places were out of toilet paper completely. I couldn't believe it.

The government said to not have gatherings of more than 100 people.

Friday I worked from home and we tried to figure out what would be normal. In the morning I decided to go to the temple and it was really wonderful. I really needed that time there. The second I walked into the front door, I got the breaking news alert that all LDS temples would be closed for proxy work until further notice. And then the government closed all public schools, moving them all online for at least a few weeks.

Saturday I had a baby shower that I was supposed to be throwing, and since there would only be like 6 of us, I decided to still throw it. It was for one of my BEST friends and it was such a good little get together. Just a few of us and some yummy food, lots of hand washing, gifts, and some fun chatting and a little bit of an escape.

Sunday we had our first home church and it was amazing. We sat in our PJs and ate ramen around our table. We taught Graham some new Primary songs and talked about Jesus. Graham is really into SHOUTING the prayer right now and it makes me so happy. I felt afraid on Sunday. I wasn't sure what was ahead and was mourning the loss of normal life. I was stressed and sad. And the sun steamed in just right through our kitchen window and I felt like it was God telling me that it would be OK. We watched Frozen 2 (huge thanks Disney+) and now Graham is obsessssed with the song Into The Unknown (thanks Disney+). 

Monday I worked from home, which is fairly normal for me. I work from home 95% of the time, so working from home wasn't a huge deal. We cleaned out some closets, and replaced the hardware on my dresser which I'm OBSESSED with. It cost me 15 bucks to get 20 new handles and so now my dresser and nightstands look high-end and brand new! We took a fun walk around our neighborhood, talked to my missionary sister who said that things in Brazil aren't too crazy, just people washing their hands and keeping their distance. Graham got to wash dishes in the bathtub which has quickly become his favorite thing. We had our own personal music class since we couldn't go to our normal music class and Graham loved it! I went to the grocery store to buy some fresh food and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting! No toilet paper or paper towels or anything, no chlorox wipes, very little frozen food, but honestly the things I needed I could get easily.

Tuesday was Saint Patrick's Day! I forgot and didn't do anything fun, but luckily my sister leprechaun left some fun things on our doorstep for Graham! After working and letting Graham nap we decided to go on a hike. We went up Adams Canyon and it was honestly so awesome! Graham was a trooper, sang the whole hike down, found some sticks and just loved it so much. It was such a blast and a great chance to be out together as a family. 

Wednesday things flipped upside down again. I woke up at my normal early time (4:30) and worked until 6:30. I was supposed to work out but we'd been up late the night before and I wanted to go back and close my eyes for a few minutes. At 7:09 I heard a low rumble. The family that lives upstairs is super handy so I was wondering what kind of project they were working on so early. I realized in a split second that it was an earth quake. I leapt up, Randy was at the kitchen table working and I called out to see if he was OK. He was fine, and I ran into Graham's room. He was kind of awake, and I grabbed him as the shaking finished. A few of our pictures fell off our shelves and things, but nothing too crazy. It was just unsettling with everything else going on, I felt like I was shaking for hours after.  Easter bunny sugar cookies helped soothe my soul hahaha. Graham was fine and very unbothered, but I just felt so unnerved as all of the things around me seemed out of my control. But I got some pom-poms for Graham to play with and we had a huge cardboard box from a delivery, and he was in HEAVEN. Scooping pom poms out of the box, using tongs to move them between bowls, it was a great project that he absolutely is obsessed with now. I worked and we stayed in the house, waiting for aftershocks and trying to do school and work. In the afternoon we went to see how my family was doing and let the kids play together. I went to bed feeling nervous and unsettled.

Thursday we tried to adapt back to normal. It was a busy work and school day for us, we ventured out to get the mail and not much else. Graham helped me vacuum which is his FAVORITE chore ever. My mom made some bread and dropped it off in case the stores don't have any next time. Graham and Randy built a fort while I had meetings and shot nerf guns at each other. I got a bunch of stickers and drew lines for G to follow with the stickers. Graham is into singing nonsense right now and it's hilarious. We also rotate between listening to Into The Unknown, You're Welcome, the Chicken Dance, Pete The Cat and His White Shoes, and We're Going On A Bear Hunt.

I teter back and forth between feeling fine and feeling so insanely overwhelmed. I feel sick when I see people losing their jobs, not being able to get the groceries they need, being sick and losing loved ones. I'm terrified for the economy and what this will mean for our future. I'm so sad for Randy who had his last semester of his master's degree and his schooling taken away. I'm worried that the world will get worse and worse and I can't protect Graham. I'm worried my faith isn't enough. 

But I also have seen so many beautiful things. I see people promoting and helping small businesses. I see people sharing what they have and giving kind words. I see people working hard to obey the rules and keep others safe. I see people trying to make others laugh and smile. I feel SO BLESSED for my company that has been sending emails about fun prizes and games they want to do while we're all at home. They are sending emails about how they can help and be there when employees need it. I see my little family growing closer and enjoying time together in a new way. 

I fully believe in the power of AND. Our lives can be hard and scary and confusing AND beautiful and amazing, at the same time. It doesn't have to be one or the other. We can live with both. And that's how I feel right now. I'm living in the hard AND the beautiful. The scary AND the amazing. That's OK with me for now. I'm working to trust in God and know that good things are coming (which is our family motto). Humans are good. We have goodness inside us. And we can help each other and get through this crazy time.

Can't wait to see what next week will bring.

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