January Adventures

8:38 PM

We've been knee-deep in working and studying for the CPA over here! We have been having tons of fun with Graham and enjoying January!

We went sledding with my sisters which was SO much fun. It's been great doing things with Beth before she she leaves to Brazil!

Beth had her farewell talk and she did SUCH a good job! I was crying and just so so so proud.
My siblings were all there which was SO fun. It was great to get together with them all for a last time before Beth leaves!

Graham is getting SO fun and his personality kills me. He says goodbye to the bath every night, and even likes saying goodbye to the snow when we walk to get the mail. He loves singing to himself in the car and begs to have dance parties in the kitchen which is so cute. He argues with me that the cow is called MOO which kills me. He is the best helper with dishes and vacuuming and laundry. He likes reading books to himself and tells us all where to sit when we play. He's saying SO many words and being able to understand him is seriously the best. He also is so good at knowing what we're asking which makes my life so much easier! He's the best little guy in the world and I am just obsessed with him.

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