Thanksgiving - Richards Christmas

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Ben and Kim came with their family for Thanksgiving this year and it's been a BLAST! The actually came early and surprised me in a really rude way, dropping Allison on the door and doorbell ditching me, giving me a heart attack (I'll post a video soon.) It was amazing though haha! Randy and Graham and I put up our Christmas decorations a little early and had a ton of fun. Graham is getting into the magic of Christmas and it's amazing.

We have stayed up late playing games, the kids have had so much fun playing together, and it's just been the best time. We blessed new baby Allison on Wednesday night and had pie night which is a fun tradition in our family.

Thanksgiving at my grandma's house was delicious and awesome. I love hanging out with all my cousins and they all love Graham a lot! It's always so delicious and fun. We went and played game late into the night at my parent's house after.

Friday we woke up and had a very successful Black Friday! We got lots of awesome clothes. Then we came back to my mom's and decorated for Christmas. I love listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate while we decorate. It's one of my favorite traditions.

Saturday we celebrated CHRISTMAS with my family since we will all be apart on actual Christmas. We exchanged the cousin and sibling gifts did the Stocking Exchange of course, and sang songs, had delicious breakfast, ordered Chinese for dinner, played so many games, took the kids out to build a snowman and sled, and just had a blast. I love getting to spend time with all my siblings and getting all the cousins together!

We also went to see the Temple Square lights. It's crazy to think we won't be able to see them the same way for the next few years. The kids thought the lights were beautiful! Graham kept saying WOW and BAA or MOO when he saw a Nativity animal. Candace thought the sister missionaries that were singing were angels which was so sweet. We had such a blast together.
Thanksgiving and Richards Christmas was a blast. We've had so much fun having family in town and kicking off the holiday season.

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