Tea and basketball and babies

11:24 AM

We've had a fun few weeks, I've been lucky to get to go on some adventures with friends and some fun dates! Randy is seriously the best person ever to make sure I always get the things that I need, from time to work, to treats, to days of relaxation!

I had a blast going to Afternoon Tea at the Grand America with Courtney one of my very best friends. It was DELICIOUS and sooo fun to go and drink tea and just chat. She's seriously amazing.

Randy and I also got to go to a Jazz game which was SO awesome. We got to sit courtside during the warmup which was SO cool and then we had great seats and loved watching a great game.

And we loved painting pumpkins instead of carving this year! Graham wouldn't have had fun carving, and Randy and I weren't feeling it this year so we didn't! BUT painting them was a BLAST. I've also made several million pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and had too much fun buying Graham more fall clothes.

I'm just lucky lucky lucky, that's all. 

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