26th Birthday

7:02 PM

My 26th birthday was amazing!! Friday night after I got an AMAZING blowout with my bestie, my sister came over and she and I had a nice long chat which was fun. Saturday I got to sleep in because Randy is amazing! We then went to the zoo which was SO fun. Graham LOVED seeing the animals and since we went so early they were all walking around and making sounds. I was blown away standing right next to a huge grizzly bear that was sleeping. It was so crazy! The lions were roaring, the tigers were walking right by us, the seals and otters were doing backflips, it was heaven! Then we did some shopping and Randy spoiled me. Then my sister and I went and got manicures and pedicures which was a blast. We took Graham to be babysat and headed out to Hearth on 25th Street for dinner. Randy and my favorite part was a charcuterie board! It was SOOOO good. Randy had bacon wrapped sturgeon and I had duck - it was seriously so delicious. 

Sunday was my actual birthday and the boys spoiled me with presents and balloons and breakfast in bed. Then we had an AMAZING dinner and cake. It was just such a wonderful birthday.

26 feels old, creeping up to 30. But I couldn't be happier with where I am in my life with my best boys.

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