We Loved August

7:04 PM

August was SO much fun! We did so many great things and had a blast saying goodbye to summer.

Graham has been RANDOMLY deciding to go into downward dog. It CRACKS me up!

Uncle Clint and Uncle Sam gave a duo farewell/homecoming talk and it was SO good. Graham has the best uncles and I'm so excited to see how much fun Clint has.

G is a major fan of chocolate ice cream.

We had a blast hanging out with Beth at Cherry Hill before she went back to school.

Brunch with Uncle Alexon is always a great time!

This picture was taken just a few minutes before Graham biffed it walking into church, started bleeding and crying and ruined both of our clothes. Luckily he's totally fine!

Randy started school! He's having a good time so far, preparing for the CPA is already stressful but he's loving grad school!

Graham and my dad played dice for like AN HOUR the other day. It was SO cute.

Randy and I got to go to a Bee's game thanks to my office, and we had a blast! We went to Pleiku for dinner, our favorite restaurant, where a guy was puking SO LOUDLY in the bathroom. Then at the game this little girl was lost and we helped her and security find her parents. It was very eventful, but so fun!

Graham is just growing up so fast. I love him and can't believe how lucky I am to be his mama.

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