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Easter and General Conference falling on the same weekend is my favorite! We listened to lots of beautiful talks and sustained a new Prophet. It was truly wonderful to see him crying as we all stood and offered him our love and support. I have such a strong testimony of living prophets and the fact that they get revelation for us here and now.

We also heard about new temples (I AM SO EXCITED FOR LAYTON) the changes in Elders Quorum and no more visiting teaching or home teaching! Lots of changes!

Our Easter was magical, we got some books for the baby and candy that I have stashed away for after I'm off this diet! *Randy may have been an absolute gem and gone and got me 9 bags of Hershey eggs so I can have some after the baby is born!*

We had meals with both of our families, and watched our niece Charlotte have a fun Easter egg hunt. There were balloons tied to the eggs and she was WAY more interested in the balloons than in the eggs or candy!

It was a wonderful holiday, and we're so excited that our little dude will be here for the next one!

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