23 Week Bumpdate

9:06 AM

Symptoms: My back is still killing me which is not fun! 
Sleep: I'm still having crazy dreams which is interesting, but getting lots of sleep which is good!
Baby is: The size of a Barbie doll! This made me laugh so hard. He moves allllllll the time, loves to rock out to music, and when Randy will put his arm around my stomach or anything, little dude will kick or punch right where Randy's arm is! 
Gender: BABY BOY! 
Dad is: Determined his son will play the drums, and has started looking at drum sets for him hahaha
Mom is craving: Popcorn. Not much else but I want to eat alllll the time!
Funny things this week: We've had a crazyyyyyyyy past few days, and I feel like little man is constantly moving and reminding me that he is there and that he loves us! We also went to the temple and little dude was bouncing around, making me laugh the whole time which was funny! 

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