Cornbelly Weekend

11:02 AM

We had a really fun weekend, Friday night we had some of our close friends over to see our new place! Nannette was so sweet and made a pie (which was BOMB) and we ate and talked and laughed and played games until late. We are really lucky to have awesome friends who spend time with us and make our lives so full and fun.

Saturday we had a LAZY day and just laid in bed, watching shows and just talking. We really needed a down day so it was absolutely perfect. We finally got out of the house and went shopping to find Randy a new sweater, then it was off to Cornbelly's with my family! We had a blast shooting the apple guns, eating treats, running through the maze, and playing all the basketball, baseball, and tetherball activities they had lined up. Cornbelly's is SUCH a fun fall activity and I would highly recommend it!

Sunday we went to our new ward for the first time! Everyone was SO insanely nice and made us feel welcome. It's always tough the first few weeks as you're trying to remember names and know where to go, but they were super nice and we're excited to get to know everyone better.

After church we headed to Kaysville again for some more family time, which was fun as always!

Today, we got to talk to Elder Low as he heads off to JAPAN! We are so excited for him and he sounded so awesome, we miss him like crazy but it was great to hear his voice and hear how thrilled he is to get to go to Japan.

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