Celebrating All The Birthdays

8:11 AM

Randy and I had a super fun weekend, kicked off Friday night with a big game night with friends. We have an awesome group of friends and it's so fun to get together and just be goofy!

Saturday we woke up bright and early to go to Top Golf to celebrate Beth's birthday! Bethany is so wonderful and fun, 17 is going to be a great year! She's so kind and good at EVERYTHING. The girl can sing and act like NOBODY'S business and is amazing at sports, school, and anything else you can think of. Happy birthday dear!

After Top Golf (and some injectable donuts from there. they are SO delicious) we played some games, and then it was off to In n' Out for some amazing burgers. Followed by presents and cake and more games. It was an all-around awesome night.

Saturday we also FaceTimed with Candace because it was her actual birthday! We had a party a while ago before they moved, but we had to celebrate the actual day as well. She was so sweet and fun, we just adore that little girl. Randy is so insanely smitten and every time we FaceTime, she immediately asks to talk to Randy. Then she proceeds to laugh and laugh and laugh and spin, and then say ickimasho, which is Japanese for "let's go" that Randy taught her once on a walk. It's CRAZY that she remembers how to say it and says it almost every time Randy is on the phone. It's SO cute!

Sunday we went to church and taught, then headed back to Farmington to celebrate Randy's dad's birthday with dinner and cake! We had a blast chatting and laughing and silly videos and talking about Sam, who we all miss like crazy.

Monday, unfortunately I actually had to go into work. We just completed a huge merger and a few people were needed to communicate with the rest of the organization who is located around the world, and didn't have the day off. I didn't mind though, Randy had some homework and ran some errands and I get to pick another day to take off! It was a wonderful weekend celebrating our favorite people!

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