Catching Up 3.13.17

6:02 PM

We've been moving like crazy people over here! So many things to do, so little time to do them all!

Here's a little catch up:

1. Randy has been KILLING it at school, I couldn't be more proud of him!

2. We have both been working like crazy, and we're both super happy!

3. I finished The Magnolia Story, and trust me there will be a post dedicated to that.

4. We have been taking lots of photos for clients and are loving it!

5. We've spent a LOT of time with family lately. This weekend we got to go home to watch Bethany in Davis High's Spring Play "Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten." It was SO fantastic and it's always such a treat to see my sister perform. We had birthday cake to celebrate my parent's birthdays, we woke up Saturday and went to Top Golf which was a blast! My dad won but we all had a blast trying to get better at golfing and tasting injectable donut holes. We then went and hiked Ensign Peak which was super fun, and we took a million pictures. Then it was lunch at Brio and macaroons from Eva (we can't resist macaroons.) Then it was time for presents before my dad had to leave, and my sister and brother in law went to see the Davis High show!

I feel so insanely lucky to have the family that I have, they are so fantastic and I love how close we are and how much fun we have together.

I promise I'll be better at blogging and vlogging or some combination of the two!

For now, enjoy some pictures that Randy, Bethany and I took and that Randy edited:)

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