Love Month

9:35 AM

I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out something cool and clever to do for February. I absolutely love Valentine's Day, and all the heart decorations and the gushy mushy stuff. I have blogger friends who do guest posts all month which is so wonderful, I have blogger friends who tell their story during this month, I have blogger friends who do series about the history of love or the types of love, I've done different things I love in the past, just none of them stuck or jumped out at me this year.

Until last night, when in a moment of sadness and vulnerability, I learned an important lesson about love. I'll be sharing more of that latter, but this year I want to do at least 14 days, if not a month, about all the lessons love has taught me, or people I love. It should be fantastic and I'm so excited.

I won't officially start now, I'll just say that some of the most valuable lessons about love that I've learned have come from my darling husband. He is everything.

Stay tuned for Lessons On Love!

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