Weekend Shennanigans

9:37 AM

Here's the deets of a busy weekend:

Friday we went to dinner with our wonderful neighbor Charlotte, she's the best!

Saturday we slept in, cleaned our house a bit, and headed to Provo for some quality time with Rebecca, some shopping for bridesmaid clothes, and then Seven Peaks for a water filled afternoon.

We went to Joe's Crab Shack with some friends and then watched a movie with them Saturday evening.

Sunday was church and teaching, a long walk, and homemade curry with some of our other friends (courtesy of Chef Randy).

Summer is hard when you work full-time. Randy has a summer class right now on top of work, and my goal is to always do summery, fun things with our spare time, but it's hard! So I'm considering us very lucky to have gotten to play so much this weekend! 

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