Engagements and Mother's Day

4:12 PM

Oh hey, these cuties are engaged! I'm so happy for Liv and Matt, they are seriously so perfect for each other. Matt is such an awesome guy, and I'm so excited to have him as a brother-in-law! Watch out world - the Reid's are going to take over someday! 

Friday we had an awesome time with Courtney and Tommy watching the game, chatting, laughing, and making THE BEST DESSERT OF ALL TIME. It involves Ruby Snap cookie dough and Ben and Jerry ice cream coming together to make the best ice cream sandwich in the universe. 

Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Pointe with the family as part of our Mother's Day gift to our mom. It was such a blast to walk around the gardens even though all the tulips had been destroyed by hail. We have been going to Thanksgiving point about a dozen times per spring/summer since I was little. It's so fun to go back even though we are older and see the beautiful things, chat and take pictures, play with all the little kid stuff at the museum, and run around in the kid's garden playing tag. My family pretty much rocks. 

Randy and I then got to go see the Rocket Summer in concert! We did the meet and greet before the show and Randy got to meet his music idol! Bryce is SO nice and did an acoustic set at the meet and greet which was amazing. Then the show was absolutely killer! The concert was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! Bryce had so much energy, played every single instrument, did a loop, jumped into the crowd with confetti and then crowd surfed. Basically it was amazing.

And now a moment for my mom. My mom is my best friend. She is my confidant, my teacher, the person I bounce ideas off of, my go to, and so much more. I didn't know that I could be as close to my mom as I am, and I'm so very lucky. She is everything that I hope one day to be. Mom, thank you for being the person that I look up to. Thank you for loving me every second, even when I was hard to like. You are truly an inspiration to me in so many ways, and I am so lucky to be your daughter.

Happy Monday all!

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