Spring Just Keeps Trying

9:52 AM

Again, here's a lil' update on what's been up with the Lows lately:

Friday, Randy and I took off to Sixth and Pine for dinner to celebrate him doing FANTASTIC on a math test. Guys, he's so smart it's ridiculous.

Saturday was for sleeping in and then driving to Provo where I shopped with my mom and sisters, which was a blast. It's SO much fun to spend time with those lovely ladies!

Sunday was another day of teaching and a Sunday walk, catching up on reading and spending time together.

So the world keeps on just rushing by and sometimes you can't really catch your breath because there are too many things to fill your lungs and brain and heart.

I want to do so many things and don't have the time but then I catch myself spending time on the things I don't need to do, but also I should do, and the cycle goes on and on.

The point is that sometimes we all need to take a breath.

A to-do list doesn't mean you have a full life.

Saying no is a viable and important option.

Spending time doing things that you want to do is just as important as manning up, and doing the things you don't want to do.

Also, take a look at Mother Nature here. Throwing confetti to celebrate the start of spring, just like the rest of us.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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