Wedding Part 2

8:35 PM

Our luncheon was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and it was a blast! We ate salad, AMAZING Lion House rolls, chicken and rice and veggies, sparkling grape juice, and cheesecake to top it all off. Everything was so wonderful. I had written the order of things on a little card for Randy and I LOVED that Elisha snapped a picture of it.

My sisters read the cutest story about Randy and I that my mom had written. It talked about all the reasons that Randy and I were perfect for each other, and talked about our mutual love for Disney to our music and dancing time together. My mom spent the time to find out about Randy's childhood and compare it with mine to craft a beautiful piece, and I'm so grateful for it.

My sisters then sang a song, "When I Fall In Love." I sang this song at my Aunt Jill's wedding, and then we sang it at my brother''s becoming quite a tradition in our family which is really fun. They sang beautifully and my mom played perfectly. It was wonderful.

We showed our Love Story video that Aubree and Matt had done and it was SO perfect. Randy and I love sharing our story so it was so fun to show it to all our friends and family.

The bridesmaids gave me a gift where they all picked an item and explained how it related to Randy and my relationship, and my friendship with each wonderful girl. It was so awesome to reminisce with my best friends about our time together, and my love with Randy.

Caleb and Alexon wrote and performed a song about our love. It was so so so SO amazing. Caleb had asked each of us for an inside joke or a piece of our story that we wanted to be in the song, and he and Alexon incorporated them both into a beautiful song that told about our story. I almost started crying as these high school best friends of ours sent us off to our marriage.

Spencer then gave a toast and it was so perfect. He talked about the temple and how important it was, and about how it was a good thing that I can cook;) I loved hearing Randy's childhood best friend talk about how great we were together.

Both of our dads said a few words which was wonderful. My daddy is amazing. I'm so lucky!

It was an absolutely amazing luncheon, we were surrounded by our friends and loved ones and it was incredible to feel all that love and support from the people closest to us. It was the perfect way to start our marriage. And Elisha captured it perfectly, of course.

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