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Enjoy that why don't ya.

Randy and I went to our Ward Luau the other day and it was soooo fun. Our ward is awesome and we love hanging out with all the great people in it.

Here's a quick story for you

The other night we had one of Randy's mission buddies over, along with a couple of our good high school friends. We ordered pizza with Randy's buddy before the other girls got there, and as our pizza got delivered, our next door neighbor poked her cute head out to see what the noise was. We quickly invited her over for dinner, which she protested, but finally we got her to agree to come over. What followed was an hour of pizza, and talking about the Church. Our neighbor isn't a member of the Church, but had learned about it extensively in her time living in Utah.

The conversation came up when she looked at our wall, and saw our wedding pictures in front of the temple. She asked if we'd been sealed, and we told her yes. She went on to tell us how much she loved the Law of Chastity, which I had never, ever thought about before. She said she loved that in our belief, you knew if someone really loved you because they were willing to wait for you. Then the three of us there went around and talked about how much we loved the Law of Chastity, the temple, and the knowledge we have that families are forever.

There was a moment when I looked around at my husband, our friend, and this wonderful neighbor. I almost started crying. Missionary moments are not just for missionaries. They're for every single one of us. And that moment showed me again how useful each one of us can be to this gospel, no matter where we live.

Who knows what will happen with our neighbor. But I know one thing for sure. She told us this herself. That when people she knows talk about how weird our church is, she defends it. Because hopefully, she can see through Randy and I and any other people that she encounters, that we are good people. Who love God. And everyone around us. I hope when she remembers her young newlywed next door neighbors, she remembers how much we love her, and how much we love the Gospel.

Now I'm off for a weekend full of relaxation and fun! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. The video was great, Randy has some good moves and great hands. good to hear you guys are so happy and doing the Lords work.


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