What I Heard In Church Today That Broke My Heart

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Can't believe what started out as "helping out" one year has now turned into my 6th year as a teacher teaching Sunday School.  Love my "sunday" kids!

I heard something at Church today, that made me a little sad. It's something I hear said far, far, far too often. And I'd like to get it corrected as soon as possible.

Today, a wife of one of our Bishopbric members was teaching Marriage Prep. Randy and I went together, all ready to learn.

The first thing she said when she got up was, "I'm a little intimidated to teach. I've heard many of you teach, and there are so many returned missionaries here who know how to teach. I never went on a mission, I just got married and had babies. So hopefully I can still teach you something today."

Those are honestly, her near exact words.

My heart broke.

It left me, and I'm sure several other people in that room who hadn't served missions, with the impression that if we didn't serve, we weren't adequate teachers. And because this amazing woman hadn't served, she wasn't a qualified teacher.

This attitude isn't right.

As members of the Church, as lovers of this Gospel, we are qualified to study, learn, and teach.

It doesn't matter if you're a brand new convert, or a seasoned scriptorian.

Everyone has something to offer in this Church.

Whether you served a mission, served as a nursery leader, served as a Relief Society President, served as a visiting teacher, served as a devoted wife, loving father, helpful daughter or son.

We ALL have something to give.

I want my daughters to know they will be amazing leaders, teachers, wives, and mothers, no matter what they decide about serving a mission.

I want my sons to know that their wife is a righteous woman, a great partner for him, and a daughter of God with an incredible mission, whether or not she wore a name-tag.

I want everyone reading this to know it doesn't matter what they've done or haven't done, it doesn't matter if they left the church, if they don't know if they believe. There is a place for you in this Gospel. 

And I want everyone to understand that the path that Heavenly Father directed them to is a good one, the right one. And it doesn't make them anything less, or more, than anybody else.

 Happy Sunday everyone!

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