5 Things I Hope My Children Know About The Temple

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I haven't gone through the temple yet, and I'm sure when I do my understanding of the temple will change. But there already a few things I know that I want to teach my children about the temple!

1. We are a temple attending people. I want to go to the temple as often as I can. That will change based on where my family is at; when I have young kids I may not get to go at often, if I live farther away from a temple I may not get to go often. The important thing will be that I go, and that when I do go, I don't complain. I hope my kids see me smiling, happy to be getting out the door and heading to the temple!

2. Temple garments are important. I hope my children understand that temple garments are wonderful. I hope they know that Mom wears her garments whenever she can, and she doesn't look for reasons to take them off. I grew up in a house where garments were very important, and that was obvious by the way my parents dressed and by the way they had us dress. In our house, we always wore clothes that could be worn with garments. This helped us learn that dressing modestly wasn't about not tempting boys, but was about our own preparations for the temple. It helped us realize that modesty was for us, and for Heavenly Father.

3. Temple marriage is eternal. Divorce happens, unfortunately. I hope I never have to go through a divorce, but even if that happens, I want my children to understand that because of the temple, our family is forever. Temple marriage means that families are never-ending. I hope my temple marriage is a source of strength for my children. I hope my kids love this, and it helps them want to have their own temple marriage so their family can be together forever.

4. Covenants are kept. I hope my children see me keeping my covenants every day. Both baptisimal, and temple covenants. I hope they see me following Christ, keeping the commandments, and being the best person I can be. I want them to know that my promises to anyone, especially God, are important and need to be kept.

5. The temple is a House of God. I hope my children know that the temple is one of the most holy, special places in the world. I hope they always know the Spirit can be felt there, and that it is a sacred place. I hope they also know that our home is as sacred as the temple, if we let it be. I want them to see me setting the example of making our home a holy place.

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  1. I love this so much. My parents were the same way about dressing as if we were wearing garments. I didn't always understand it but did it anyway because I wanted to dress modestly. Now I've been through the temple and I'm so grateful I was raised that way! Thank you for sharing.



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