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Randy has been officially gone for 18 months. Wow. He'll be home before I know it!

Thanks to Treat by Shutterfly, I get to send him a little something so he remembers that I'm here, supporting him and caring about him.

Treat is an AMAZING new Shutterfly line JUST FOR CARDS. They seriously have every kind of card you could ever want, with the option to personalize it just for you. They have all kinds of amazingly cute templates, with great options of how to make it your own.

Not to mention, you get a good price. Each card is about $3.50. Such an inexpensive way to show people you care.

We don't use real paper enough anymore. Everything is electronic. Let me just tell you, nothing in the world is as wonderful as getting a handwritten note/card in the mail. I love any reason to check the mail (since that's my primary method of communication with Randy) and it's like my birthday anytime I get a note or card (especially when it actually is my birthday. haha)

So this is the cute little card Elder Low will be getting here in a few weeks. Needless to say, I'll be using for all my greeting card needs. Just look how cute this card is!

This is us re-enacting American Gothic by Grant Wood. We are art history nerds.

Seriously cute right?? Visit Treat or the Thinking Of You section to make your card! 

Happy Monday everyone!

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