Always a ballerina

3:44 PM

Hello friends:)

First of all, thank you for your sweet response to my last post. It was wonderful to get such positive, loving feedback from everyone. You are all amazing!
Second, KSL internship has officially started. It's insane. I love it, it's so busy, overwhelming, and wonderful. Watch carefully! I'll be either writing stories or be helping work on interviews for the 5, 6, and 10 o'clock shows on Channel 5!

I got to go see this beautiful sister of mine dance this weekend. I miss being the one packing my bag full of water and fake eyelashes, I miss jumping in rosen to make sure I wouldn't slip, jabbing another bobby pin in my hair just to make sure it wouldn't fall out, being exhausted and out of breath, but so happy. But I realized this weekend as I watched the recital, that I'll always be a ballerina. Because of the toe shoes hanging on my wall, because of my urge to throw my leg up on any surface like a barre, because I stand in first position, because I sometimes I notice I'm doing ballet hands, because dancing is home to me. 

I'm so happy I got to dance with my two beautiful sisters for a few years, and even luckier that I got to spend my growing up years dancing.

After a weekend of running around and some relaxing, I'm ready for another week of work and KSL!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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