Happiness is...

9:46 AM

Days where you get into your car, and the steering wheel is already warm.
Going outside to read a book.
Chocolate easter eggs.
A book that makes you jump up and down while covering your mouth to not let out a scream.
Getting your homework done in a lot less time than you thought.
Seeing someone you haven't seen in a while.
Not being eaten by a velociraptor.
When you put your Ipod on shuffle and it plays your favorite songs all in a row.
Coming home to a quiet house.
Going to church.
Getting a phone call from someone you love.
Laughing when you aren't sure what's funny.
Not caring what you look like, and having someone tell you that you look good.
Reading a scripture that grabs your attention.
Getting a text that makes you smile.
Watching a documentary about turtles, and rooting for this little tiny turtle to make it.
Getting ready faster than you thought, and getting to go back to sleep for a few minutes.
Gossip about good things that are going on in people's lives.
Having a busy day full of things you don't mind doing.
Going to school and knowing nothing is due in any classes.
Taking a minute to just do nothing.
Planning a trip to the temple.
Knowing what you believe and stand for.
A choice. Completely 100% a choice. So choose it. It's nice :)

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