Here's lookin at you kid

10:59 AM

I love old movies. So very very very very much. And I haven't watched a good old movie in a very long time. I need to fix that. But being in two one acts, being a back up singer in two songs PLUS being in eight more regular songs for the revue, having a ton of homework, working on DTV, and trying to have a healthy social life, I probably already watch more TV than I should :) I waste more time than I should. But I think I'm figuring something out. People come and go in your life, your only obligation is to be happy. Of course you're going to have unhappy days and not be happy with some rules, but in the end the rules are the things that make you happiest. That, I can guarantee. And I think that people are forgetting that obligation that they have, the one that says..."Who cares what they think, say, or want for you. What do you want? What do you need?" Crying is ok, it's a healthy release of emotion that we keep bottled up too much. But I think there would be a lot less stress and unhappiness if people stepped back and said "In ten years, will this matter?" The answer to some things is yes; those are the important things. But the answer to that question for most everything we focus on is NO. It won't matter. It doesn't matter. So breathe, cry, laugh, sleep late, eat too much food, waste a little bit of time every day, pray a lot, get lost in the scriptures, work hard and play hard. Yeah :)

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