Ginger jokes and friends

5:31 PM

So last night my girls (Emi, Ash, and Morg) and I had some heart to heart chat time. Which was glorious. They also used this opportunity to tell me some ginger jokes that should be included on this blog. Here are a few....

-I got a new freckle today.
-I got sunburned today after I turned on the lights.
-I went looking for my soul today...I didn't find it.
-I got made fun of today.
-People made South Park references at me today.
-People tried to warm themselves by my hair today.
-I burned someone today.

Aren't my friends super funny :)

On a seperate note, we had some actual deep conversations on how next year is going to be so weird and different. We are already seeing the changes and how we could potentially lose friends. It's scary. But the good thing is that we're together and that we can do it...probably! Change isn't ever easy but hopefully senior year is going to be the best one yet!!

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  1. hey everyone, ginger jokes blog coming your way soon. :) haha love you miss maddy. Loved our deep conversations, too.


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